Will “True Grit” Lead a Western Comeback?

Hailee Steinfeld, left, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in the Coens' remake of True Grit

Interesting article in USA Today about the success of True Grit and some of the new Western content coming soon. Actually the movement is already started with AMC’s series Hell on Wheels filming in Alberta since last summer and two Western-themed movies coming out very soon: the animated Rango and the Spielberg-produced Cowboys & Aliens. Some will even point out the movement started with the raw, visceral HBO series Deadwood. If these efforts show success the floodgates just may open up for the genre, though one comment in this article rings true: “For 50 years, it seemed like it was enough to have pretty horses, big stampedes and Indian attacks. If one is to hope for the return of the genre, there really has to be an effort made to make it fresh for new fans.”